Marama Tau

Sales Consultant

Arriving in Kalgoorlie in 2008, my husband and I quickly settled in to our new way of life. While undertaking a variety of jobs to get started, we began using our previous experience in the renovation, building and home ownership environment (including my time in the interior plastering industry) to purchase and renovate rental properties.

This interest in real estate led me to taking up an opportunity offered to me to learn the ropes as a real estate sales rep. Now, having been involved in the industry for 3 years I have finally found my niche! I am able to bring all my experience together and use my background to help clients.

Having that extensive background in real estate both in New Zealand and Kalgoorlie has enabled me to understand how important it is to;

-Listen to what my client wants, not what I might think you want.

-Undertake a full and complete search of the current market so I can give you the best advice possible that is both realistic and applicable to your needs.

-Be flexible in meeting your requirements, understanding that people are busy and time is valuable.

-Go the extra mile to work on your behalf and always tell you the truth.

-Above all, I value my integrity and work hard to maintain that integrity.

It is on that basis that I believe I offer you a personal, honest and truthful service. One that places you, the client, at the centre of attention and your needs as my primary focus.